Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks Co-Found the Industry’s First Cyber Defense Consortium



Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet are partnering to build one of the industry’s first cyber consortiums to drive the sharing of critical threat intelligence. This new consortium enables member organizations to better protect their customers from the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape through shared threat intelligence.   By collaborating on threat knowledge and preventative measures we can improve our capabilities against the ever growing and increasingly sophisticated cyber attackers.

The consortium establishes a simple model for which member organizations can securely and expeditiously share insights.  These insights will help members by bringing greater visibility into threats and techniques that they might not otherwise have visibility into. We look forward to growing the Consortium and leading the industry towards innovative approaches to better serve our customers. View Press Release.

What is the cyber consortium?

The cyber consortium is a group of security vendors, initially led by Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet, that have chosen to work together to share malware information for the purpose of increasing the collective threat intelligence across organizations

What is the goal of the consortium?

The goal and objective of the group is to disperse malware knowledge and threat intelligence across all member organizations to raise the overall knowledge of the group to allow member vendors to better protect their organizations and their customers.

Is customer data at risk?

No, only malware samples are shared. The consortium Bylaws provide that members will not share any data that can be directly attributable to customers. By focusing the sharing on malware executables; we are able to maintain the trusted relationships we have with our customers.

Who is in the Consortium

  • The inaugural members of the cyber consortium are Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks
  • There is an open invitation to other organizations that share in our goals and objectives and meet the minimum requirements for participation – the ability to share at least 1,000 samples of new malware executables every day.

How can my organization join?

We welcome new members to the consortium. Please use the form to initiate contact.

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